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Our Philosophy

We believe in giving you honest and straightforward advice: 

1) We feel that the most important thing about selecting a Financial Advisor is to find someone you can trust. 

2) We do not charge to put together Financial Strategies for Individuals or Businesses. This allows them to see what we are able to do for them before they decide whether or not to work with us. 

3) We follow up with good old-fashioned service and six-month account reviews. 

We Offer a Wide Range of Investment Options and Services Including: 

- Stocks 
- Bonds 
- Mutual Funds (Load, No-Load, Closed-Ended) 
- Variable and Fixed Annuities 
- Treasuries 
- CD's 
- Unit Investment Trusts 
- Options 
- Asset Management Services 
- Retirement Plans (including IRA, TSA, SEP & SAR-SEP, 401(k), Profit Sharing, etc.) 
- Insurance (Life, Health, Disability, Medicare Supplement, Key-Man, Buy/Sell, Long Term Care, etc.) 

We are Independent when it comes to the Investment and Insurance Companies we work with: 

1) We believe that no individual company has the best products. Therefore we pick and choose between a wide array of companies. 

2) Stocks & Bonds: Our trades are handled through the trade desk at H. Beck Inc . We can trade almost every listed stock or bond on most exchanges around the world. 

3) Mutual Funds: We can currently work with numerous Mutual Fund Families Directly. We can also offer almost all load and no-load Funds on a Fee basis. 

4) Variable & Fixed Annuities: We can currently work with a large number of Annuity Company Contracts. 

5) Insurance Companies: Through H. Beck we have the ability to work with many insurance companies. 

We have Access to State of the Art Technology to Monitor and Evaluate Investments, including: 

- Standard & Poors 
- Value Line 
- CDA/Wiesenberger 
- Morningstar 

Who is a good candidate for my services? 

Anyone who has an open mind and is interested in learning more about their investment choices. It matters very little whether they have a lot of money to start with. It matters greatly whether or not they reach their goals...